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The ultimate PC remote control for Series 60 phones

Desktop Control

Desktop ControlBasics

Choose Computer > Desktop Control from the Options menu in any of the player views to start Desktop Control.

Desktop Control allows you to use your computer via your phone. Change the mode of the joystick by choosing an item from Control mode in the Options menu to either control the mouse or behave like arrow keys.

Make sure you check the Settings which let you control the mouse speed, image quality and image size when using Desktop Control.


Use the Options > Zoom or the 5 and 0 keys to zoom your desktop in and out.

Desktop Control Alt-TabSwitching applications (Alt-Tab)

Press the * key to show the Windows application switching window. You can press the * key again to cycle through the applications or use the joystick to select an application. Press the Selection key to switch to the selected application.

Watching Video

By default Winamp plays video directly to the video card to increase playback performance. This is called called "Overlay mode". If you would like to see the video played back on your phone when using ControlFreak you need to go to the Winamp preferences and disable Overlay mode.


Use these shortcuts to access the most important features instantly.

JoystickControl mouse or arrow keys
SelectLeft mouse click or enter key
1Left mouse click
2Right mouse click
3Mouse jumps to foreground window
5Zoom in
6Switch between mouse and arrow key Mode
7Send Enter key
8Start entering text
9Send Esc key
0Zoom out
*Switch applications (Alt-tab)
#Open Settings
CSend Backspace key