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The ultimate PC remote control for Series 60 phones


Basic track info

Basic track info

ControlFreak displays the most important information about your music in the top part of the display.

If your music has information in its ID3 tags, ControlFreak displays:
- Song title
- Artist
- Year followed by Album

Basic track info without ID3 tags

If your music does not have ID3 tags, ControlFreak displays the same information that Winamp displays in its playlist view. Usually that means it displays the filename. Needless to say, you really should be using ID3 tags for your track info.

Basic controls

ControlFreak is designed so that you can perform all basic controls intuitively with your phone's joystick.

Basic controls

Toggle play/pauseSelect
Increase volumeUp
Decrease volumeDown
Next songRight
Previous songLeft
Fast forwardHold right
RewindHold left
StopHold select

Track details

Choose Player view > Track info from the Options menu to see detailed track information.

Track details ControlFreak shows the following fields in the Track info view:
- Track number
- Genre
- Comment
- Total track time
- Remaining track time
- Bit rate

Playlist preview

Choose Player view > Playlist Preview from the Options menu to see a preview of your playlist.

Playlist preview The playlist preview shows you the next songs in your playlist.

If you have shuffle turned on, the tracks shown here aren't the ones that will play next. If you like to play your songs randomly but still want to see what's coming, we recommend randomising your playlist instead of using shuffle. Refer to the section on randomising your playlist for more details.

Spectrum analyser

Choose Player view > Spectrum analyser from the Options menu to see a spectrum analysis of your music.

Spectrum Analyser The spectrum analyser let's you literally 'see your music' right in the palm of your hand.

Depending on your system performance you should be able to experience frame-rates of 20-40 frames per second. Of course, the performance of Bluetooth depends on how far you are from your computer so you may experience reduced frame-rates as you reach the limits of your Bluetooth range.

You can fine-tune your spectrum analyser in the ControlFreak Winamp plug-in (type ctrl-f in the Winamp player to open the configuration window). You should also experiment and see whether you prefer the Split stereo or Mixed mode of the spectrum analyser. Just select one, press Apply and try it out.

Shuffle and repeat

You can control whether shuffle and repeat are enabled or disabled from the Play mode sub-menu in the Options menu.


Press the * key to rate the current song. Scroll right or left to increase or decrease the rating. You can also enter a number between 0 and 5.

Rating your music makes it possible to create smarter dynamic playlists.

Shutdown, Standby, Restart and Hibernate

When you've finished using your computer you can use the functions in the Computer sub-menu in the Options menu to Shutdown, Standby, Restart and Hibernate your computer.


Use these shortcuts to access the most important features instantly.

1Show Track details view
2Show Playlist preview view
3Show Spectrum analyser view
6Open Media Library
7Open Playlist
8Open Desktop Control
0Close the cover and enjoy the pulse
*Rate current track
#Open Settings